Happy New Year! What's your vision for 2019?

January 2, 2019

When you look at the course of your life, there are some years where everything comes together.


2018 was that year for me.


"Coming together" isn't about perfection, but rather revelation. Understanding. Harvest reaping. And reconciliation.


I started last January year, crumpled in a ball, sleeping on a friend's couch after my "new" NYC apartment turned out to be a huge hazard.


Before the summer was over, my writing had been published in The New York Times, I was named "Emerging Journalist of the Year" by NABJ and had my biggest national radio interview on The Breakfast Club.


Life is funny that way.


Upswings are often followed (and even concurrently impacted) by downturns.




Case and point: I ended the year experiencing complications from my lupus, required by my doctors to use crutches and start undergoing physical therapy.


Just as I was preparing to run full speed toward the next marker in my career, life suddenly- and very literally- demanded I pause, reset the pace and reevaluate the destination.


At first I was shocked and even sad.  Then I remembered a great quote I heard Odell Beckham Jr. say after getting injured:


"I was asking God so much for time... Time with my dogs, time to get better as a person.  Be careful what you ask for."


I heard that "be careful" as "stay open" to whatever form of an answer God may give you to your questions and deepest longings.


As I embark on 2019, I don't see this as a year to "slay" goals, "grind to the top" and #TeamNoSleep myself to death.


I know exactly how to do those things all too well.


No. I will slay goals, I will grind and at times sacrifice sleep-- but I will do so with more intention that ever.


The question for so many of us who've started to experience creative and personal breakthroughs is- what is our vision?


Apart from proving ourselves to people (which I admit was how I spent much of my early career), what else will we have to show for our efforts?


Vision guides you even in the darkest hours. It creates light in the mind and spirit, which emanates through all you do.


As the first day of the new year comes to a close, my wish for anyone reading is that you move forward with more clear vision than ever before.


Unencumbered by the past. Light. Focused. Free. To be all you are.


Happy New Year!


If you haven't seen it yet, check out my new (and first!) YouTube video about clearing out the old, to make way for the new. Shout out to everyone who has subscribed already! More videos to come.




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