10 Ways Being A Journalist Taught Me To Lead

November 14, 2017

This afternoon I'm joining a panel to talk about women's leadership and using your voice.


In honor of global Take The Lead Day!, I reflected on the ways my journalism career has inspired me to embrace leadership even when I didn't realize it was happening.


All of us have the power to lead in our roles and jobs. This is what media and reporting has taught me:


1. It taught me how to handle rejection.


Doors slammed in face; phone hang ups; threats; unwilling interview participants. You deal with all of it to get a story by deadline.


2. It taught me I deserved to be in the room.


With or without press credentials, you have a job to do.  If you're not there, who’s telling the story the way only you can?


3. It taught me to sit in the front of the room.


You're seen better, you're heard better and you're more likely to get your question answered.


4. It taught me to question authority.


Everyone tells a story that's most favorable to them. Some people in power have a vested interest in keeping the truth from the world.  Don't trust everything you hear.


5. It taught me to hear out and engage with different point of views.


You have to listen to different points of view to get a fuller story.  Point blank.


6. It taught me to accept criticism- but not be controlled by it.


No matter what you do people will have something to say.  Feedback is critically important but not all of it is constructive.  Take what you can build with and leave the rest behind.


7. It taught me to act brave even when I didn’t feel like it.


When you're in the middle of filming a story or doing an interview, no one has time for timidity.  If you don't feel it when the cameras come on, fake it til' you make it.


8. It taught me to double and triple check my work.


Your name and reputation is on the line with every piece.  Can you stand by it?


9. It taught me to double and triple check other people’s work.


Your name and reputation is on the line with every piece.  Whether you wrote it or not.


10. It taught me the power of my own voice.


When you see people reacting to the story you wrote, the conversation you started, the things you said, it changes your life.


When you realize you can change lives through storytelling, you realize the work is bigger than you.




If you want to tune into Powertopia, Take The Lead Day is streaming live starting at 12:30pm! www.taketheleadday.com.




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