Here's Why I Decided to Start A Blog

August 1, 2017

Hello World!!! This post is LONG overdue but WELCOME to my blog, N-SPIRED.


If we haven't met before, my name is Natasha and I'm a bit of a Renaissance Woman.


You may know me as a journalist, on-camera host and digital producer living in New York City, but that's just part of my story-- and it didn't start that way.


In fact, like one of those made-for-TV movies a-la "The Alchemist," I had to venture out on a looong journey to find myself and my true life and career passions...


I've worked at a hedge fund. Taught middle school English. Hit the nae-nae on camera for local news (yes, y'all it really happened). Changed course 10X over and hustled hard to make ends meet in the name of creating the life I wanted.


Similar to all the different paths I've taken, there are many different sides to me. Like the true Gemini that I am, I can be very funny, serious, sweet, fierce, silly or cool depending on the situation and what we're talking about. (Watch any of my hosted interviews online for proof!)



I don't believe in boxes. People are complex. That's why I've continued to search until I found the professional and personal space to be wholly me, no parts left behind.


As an early 30-something, I've gotten to live multiple lives- and it's been an amazing, wild ride.


People often ask me to open up about what I see in media, how I found my path, see the world and what tips I have for success.  Like Sway, I do not have all the answers (love Sway, btw) but I know I know some things.  Finally, I'm putting it on the record.


So here is my promise to YOU, currently taking time to read "N-SPIRED" when there are 1 billion other things on the internet you could be reading.


I will:


- Be honest, truthful and unfiltered in telling stories that are personal to me and the things I see in the field (no #fakenews, #alternativefacts but maybe #opinionsyoudontlike).


- Offer personal advice and perspective from time to time, not as a guru but as a fellow, real human being paying it forward by sharing lessons learned.


- Not let perfect be the enemy of the good. Unlike pieces that I publish for an outlet, my grammar, language and style here isn't meant to meet a formal standard.  My thoughts on subjects may evolve as I do.  I am not officially representing any institutions I've been associated with past or present.  Basically, I'm. Just. Doing. Me.


Thank you for following along on the journey.


Hit me up in the comments with questions and thoughts often!


Hope you get inspired along the way!


Peace and blessings,














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